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Watch Christmas in Canaan (2009) Full Movie Online Free

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Christmas in Canaan Full Movie On Watch32: DJ and Rodney don’t like each other from the start. Rodney thinks DJ is an ignorant white farm boy, and DJ thinks Rodney acts too smart for his own good. After a school bus scuffle between the two, DJ’s father and Rodney’s grandmother come up with a clever solution that brings the boys closer than either of them would like. Living in Canaan, Texas in the 1960s does not make it easy for a black boy and a white boy to forge a friendship. It is only amid the magic of an unforgettable Christmas that DJ and Rodney discover a land of milk and honey where hope and love make all the difference.

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This is a beautiful story of an unlikely friendship between two young men, who would have never been friends if not for a great dad. One is white and one black, a highly unusual friendship for the time. It depicts the hardships of blacks and the poor rural whites of that time.

There is a scene where because they are so poor, the dad(Billy Ray Cyrus) gives everyone pictures instead of real gifts for Christmas, because that’s all he could afford. I cried watching it. It was so sweet.

The movie gets into some touchy areas, like the black struggle to vote back in those times. And the attitudes that went along with that struggle.

This is a really touching, beautifully made movie. I do highly recommend to all. Watch Christmas in Canaan (2009) Online.

IMDB Rating: 7.0/10
Director: Neill Fearnley
Released Date: 12 December 2009
Time: 96 min
Genre: Drama, Family

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