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Watch Ghost Rock (2003) Full Movie Online Free

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Ghost Rock Full Movie On Watch32: In 1882, 20 years after an almost forgotten massacre took place, the only living witness to the crime, John Slaughter, returns to the town where it happened. Now finding the town run by the man behind the terrible act, Slaughter teams up with the mysterious gunslinger Savannah Starr to try and rid the west of one of it’s great evils.

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Dismiss anyone who tells you they didn’t enjoy this film, for this is one straight ahead, guns blazing, meat packing western with a difference.The difference in question here is the incendiary presence and allover swagger that is commonly referred to as Gary Busey. This is THE film for those who have been previously indifferent to his craft. Whilst numerous of Busey’s previous performances have entertained no small degree of greatness, it was not until this milestone in his career that the full extent of his abilities were demonstrated so fully and so deftly. Delivers in a way that reduces the likes of the magnificent seven and unforgiven to nearly rans in the race for the ultimate western. Needless to say, ten out of ten, i loved it. Watch Ghost Rock (2003) Online.

IMDB Rating: 3.5/10
Director: Dustin Rikert
Released Date: 8 June 2004
Time: 101 min
Genre: Action, Drama, Western

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